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To love life is to love music


To love life is to love music

“To love life is to love music”, is the subtitle of the After-School Music Club Project which is part of the Teacher Training Project and the Extracurricular Clubs that Abay has set in motion in Gaba Kemisa, in Walmara region, Ethiopia.

The aim of these projects is not only to improve the training of GabaKemisaElementary School teachers, but also to create alternative leisure spaces for children and adults… spaces where they can engage in sports, music, theatre, painting…

we went there to make music but instead learnt another way of appreciating life, a life for them complicated, difficult and hard.

We developed four workshops: with the children and the teachers of the nursery classrooms, with women who participate in the literacy programme as part of the Women´s Empowerment Project, with plenty of eager children who attended our classes, and finally with a group of a few women we selected to continue with the project once we had left.

We did percussion activities, coordination games, we sang, we practised body rhythms, we even took the plunge with easy notions of musical language. But most importantly, we enjoyed it by sharing such an enriching experience, by their great interest and willingness to learn and the love they gave to us. It seems incredible the amount of things you can do in a short space of time when there is real enthusiasm!

“If you get moved imagining it, just imagine doing it”. As the slogan of Abay says, the previous months we felt emotional imagining it, but the real emotion was doing it.

After caring for the animals, working in the fields, caring for their families and doing many other occupations, the children and women of Gaba Kemisa came daily to the AbayCenter to make music with us… without missing a single day. Everyday we had more and more, to such an extent that we couldn’t fit in the Library where we taught our classes.

In the videos you can see a small sample of this experience, but the real experience and all that we learned from the people of Walmara cannot be captured in images… it is in our memories and in our hearts.

Now the next step is to find an Ethiopian teacher to continue with this project until we go bac

This way our After-School Music Club Proyect will carry on and grow over the years anb it will become a reality.


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