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  1. Jérusalem Ouest se trouve en Israël, Jérusalem Est se trouve en Palestine.Jérusalem Ouest est peuplée d’israéliens, Jérusalem Est est peuplée de palestiniens.A Jérusalem Ouest on parle hébreu, à Jérusalem Est on parle arabe.

  2. Soys lxs mejores. En cada asamblea, en cada sentada, en cada manifestación habeis estado presentes con vuestro esfuerzo, sin importar la hora, las amenazas o los dias de curro que llevabais a la espalda. Os habeis dejado la piel y lo sabemos. Por eso se os admira y se os quiere.Un abrazo muy fuerte

  3. Have you been to London? It’s a dangerous place. You might get hit in the face with a meat pie.If security is the concern, why not just lease the Tower of London? The tourist revenue would help pay for the cost of the lease, and you’ve got facilities for incarcerating and torturing terrorists right in the basement

  4. We can all congratulate ourselves on our foresight for not becoming super rich, and contributing to the problem.On the other hand,with a few million, we would not have to associate with the .. uh..undesirables. (You know who you are!)Come on, people, be honest. Would you really mind not paying taxes if you had a few million? And if so, then face it, this is not an ethical issue. They got lots of stuff, we don’t, and we are pissed. That is called envy.

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  7. Me gustaría obviar ese detalle de la nube, pero es que insistes en él: ¿sabes mi realidad y mi “nube”?El dinero del paro lo ha comentado Saúl, y es una posibilidad más. No la única. Y lamento decirte que el emprendedor que acaba es aquel que tiene una buena idea y buen planteamiento. La cantidad de dinero que se ha derrochado en “nada”. Y por supuesto que para muchas cosas se necesita una inversión. Pero no para todas.

  8. I love aprons, I think the memory of the apron pockets is the best. Always a tissue for a runny nose, I remember my mother wearing a ‘workday’ apron with large pockets. As she went around the house throughout the day the little things she picked up in the house would end up in the pockets. Anything from marbles, toy soldiers, paperclips or bits of paper and pencils. Then when she was taking off the apron she would empty the pockets. This is a fantastic idea for a holiday gift with fresh cookies for my busy neighbor with little ones.

  9. We watched the first night, and that was it. This is the most awful game show I’ve ever seen. My childen were horrified at the greed and nastiness of tht woman the first night. How she can possibly live with herself is beyond me. Howie Mandel and the producers should be ashamed of themselves to put this terrible show on the air, and encourage the hateful greed shown. NBC needs to cancel this asap…AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!!!!!!!!

  10. Das Kleid steht dir sehr gut! Die Farbkombination sieht super aus und passt toll zu deinem Hautton. Ich finde es zur Zeit schwer, passende Farben für helle Haut (ich bin etwas blasser als du) zu finden. Weder Pastelltöne noch Neonfarben gefallen mir an mir. Diese Farben gefallen mir allerdings sehr! Liebe GrüßeKaro

  11. Es muy importante dialogar como en el Agora de la Antigua Grecia sobre los temas transversales de la Educación en el presente: La Educación por la Paz, la Educación y el Medio Ambiente, la Educación y los valores; la Educación y las TIC… Y es importante abrir un espacio para que los especialistas dialoguen pero ¿Por qué no abrir un espacio virtual para que los docentes participemos del diálogo durante todo el ciclo escolar?

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  28. he was wary about too much government involvement. “I want to be careful about expanding when my philosophy is, Let’s not have government do things that the private sector can do,” he said during a forum on public service here that was organized by ServiceNation, a coalition of nonprofit groups and corporations.”I wouldn’t be happy if McCain required mandatory service either, though from what he stated,he is at least wary of too much government involvement. Obama sees government as the solution to every problem when indeed, it is not.

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  30. The problem is not with Yucca Mountain, but instead with how we currently plan to use it. Nevada would be happier if we were to pass legislation that would prevent us from sending spent fuel there, and instead only use Yucca Mountain for defense wastes and residual wastes from reprocessing.

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  33. Dang Jada’s purse weighs more than she does LOL, but I have to give it to her on her shoes, she’s always rocking some niceee shoes. Star looks like she stinks, Rock looking cute, but why the outfit ( i know its for a movie but dang) Cuba looks nice.

  34. Dude, that really sucks that you’re reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”, considering there is so much hype over it and it’s such a badly written book. Perhaps some Camus, Jack Kerouac, or Oscar Wilde would be better.

  35. Hey Wayne,I would start with either:Change your Body, Change the World: Reflections on Health and the Human PredicamentorExuberant Animal: The Power of Health, Play and Joyful Movement

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  37. Robert: You mention the 'anti-abortion wing of the Republican Party'For the last several years, that's been the ONLY wing of the Republican party. I can't think of a single GOPer on the National level who hasn't tried to restrict what a woman can do with her own body. The two Pauls are no better, witness Ron's idiot son putting a Personhood amendment into the flood bill. My idea for increasing acceptance of abortion is selling the procedure to the RCC as simply the physical equivalent to exorcism. They seem to approve of that.

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  40. Ref. The Ruwanda, darfour, etc. mass murdering that borderlines genocide…those are the situations where the UN peace keepers are supposed to “keep the peace.” that is why we donate Billions to the UN annually. The US military is not a global police. Your post kind of misses the whole “national interest” point on when the US should or shouldn’t take military action. If you think the US military should take action in places like Ruwanda, you should vote to disband the UN and use those funds to invest in our military.RegardsVA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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  42. Oh yeah, me too with the what the actual fuck. Just because it sounds vaguely comical doesn’t mean that he is not actually promoting violence towards our PM. If a man with a turban and a long beard did the same thing you can just bet ASIO would be knocking on his door.

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  53. I believe that this administration is trying to diminish the power, and trust in America by these and other actions. I am extremely simpathetic to our military that are trying to keep us safe in spite of this administration. I cant imagine how it must feel to know that this administration does NOT have your back, that you are just a pawn to play with for amusement or political gain. Morale must be terrible. I pray every day that this administration does not regain itsselfish and destructive power in November. GOD bless our military and Thank You for your service to the American People.

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  55. YES.I didn’t notice he put the letter on Bruce’s breakfast and then removed it after Batman was like, “SHE WAS GOING TO WAIT FOR ME.” I noticed him lighting it on fire and didn’t even remotely think it was The Letter. *sigh*

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  62. The Muslim word needs to learn a little anger management. They also need to grow up. Just because someone flips the bird at you does not give you the right to kill him/her. I find it interesting that he claims the drawings are ‘pointless and meaningless’. If this were REALLY the case, why would Muslims react to it at all, let alone violently?

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