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  1. I think she spat most of it out, or should I say frothed it out, she thought the big red Christmas rug was the best place to recuperate, whilst Cameron shouted “Rabid cat!!’ D managed to lift her before she rolled, didn’t spill a drop! Babywipes did the trick….

  2. Hari Sabtu 29 Disember 2012, bekas krew asal MCMV akan mengadakan REUNION di pangkalan TLDM Lumut. …Saya nak tanya.1. Di mana tempat REUNION ?2. Siapa harus dihubungi (urusetia) ?3. Itinerary macamana (ringkasan) ?Saya bertanya kerana kalau saya terjumpa mereka seperti Alimat, Kassim Mangun, Baba, Dr Hassan, Laksma (B) Sahari, TPTL,Zol (RO), Zainal Besi, Malik Khamis, Kanapathy dll bolehlah saya tolong wawarkan.p/sBanyak yang dah arwah … Noordin Subuh, Nazri GI …..

  3. 아니구름빵에 대한 저작권이 없다니..그게 어찌된 노릇인가요?그토록 새롭고, 아름다운 이야기가 작가님께 저작권이 없다니..?읽을수록 가슴이 뭉클해지고 따스해 지는 그림책,우리 아이들 뿐만 아니라 제 정서함양에도 도움이 되는 그림책그런데 정작 작가님께 저작권이 없다뇨?????????

  4. Glee, sì. ^^Tra l’altro il padre di Abed in Community (non il personaggio, l’attore) è il preside di Glee, per dire.@udp: intanto avvicinati a Glee, poi ne riparliamo. Lo so che sembro un invasato, ma dicono che funzioni."La Tanya della bravissima Jane Adams è uno dei personaggi dell’anno": amen fratello. Di Tara, sì, avevo accennato l’altra volta: nonostante Toni, ho visto solo i primi due episodi prima di abbandonarlo senza troppi rimpianti.

  5. Wow, what an fascinating tale. What a scappy guy that Henry Ford was, often in there swinging. I guess that is how you do it, keep hoping and eventually some thing clicks. I surprise who’s barn / backyard these other two cars are in?

  6. “the majority of Americans are satisfied with the quality of their health care”, which is what all these polls said, and what my point was in my original post, even though it wasn’t the main point. So, Ted, can we agree that a majority of Americans are satisfied with the quality of their care, but the cost or that care seems to a concern to many?

  7. Thanks. So many artists worry about the creative aspects that they forget the fundamentals of good business. I know it’s boring, tedious work, but Blind Ferret didn’t grow out of sheer luck. It was hard work and PLANNING. Experiment and learn form your failures. You think Einstein got it right the first time? No, it was E=cm2 for a long time. DOH!

  8. Anna: joo ehdottomasti voi korvata gluteenittomilla jauhoilla, tässä ohjeessa ei ole oikeastaan kamalasti väliä edes millä jauhoilla, kunhan on jotain 🙂 Ja uskoisin, että 2 XL-kokoista munaa riittää puolikkaaseen kakkuun. Herkullisia leivontahetkiä!

  9. he was a house painter and had the colors still in his garage…so i was lucky enough to copy those down and take them to the paint store.looking forward to all your “renovations”!

  10. How do I win my ex back who is now dating his ex?Okay, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 months. We’ve had problems with his ex girlfriend(which was his first love) for awhile. Anyway, last week he broke up with me because I supposedly “changed”. Which now I know was not why. He and his ex had been talking. And now they are dating. All I want is for him to be happy. But I also want to be with him. How do I win him back? I love him with all my heart.

  11. jajaja, me causo mucha gracias de que a tu amiga le haya parecido muy sexy!Yo pienso que si uno pone “normitas” en la casa las deberia de cumplir, pero tampoco me parecio mal lo que hicieron vos y tu amiga, no se.No se lo que voy a hacer en mi futura casa, pero creo en el libre de humo!

  12. Hmm. Perhaps I just care for animals too much, but for some reason it would’ve been much creepier to me had it just been demented mice, that this ‘god’ had too much fun with. I just love a pasta where the narrator’s really just insane, and no real problems otherwise are there.Even still, the mice being humans somehow got me. Good pasta, just kinda overly flavorful.alsoBUT WHO WAS MIRROR?VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

  13. Oh, iPhones and the typos they lead to. Ot’s is obviously it’s (why autocorrect missed this but kept changing sunchoke to sync out, I’ll never understand!) and leave was supposed to be leaf (can’t blame the phone for that one. Must have been fatigue).

  14. Tusind tak Fie, godt at høre fra dig. Ja, det er dejligt at beskæfigtige sig med noget andet – blot en gang imellem, der ikke er relateret til babyer. Men det kender du sikkert alt til. Jeg glæder mig ogsÃ¥ til at følge jer:-)

  15. nico dit :par prudence je suis dispo … et pour bo le lavabo je t’annonce que j’ammene la sono et lagaff dans mes valises pour la derniere …pour ce qui est du tresor de guerre, a priori on a de quoi faire il manque peut etre des binouzes …penses au saucisses pour le repas … et une salade de muzooooooo ca demainciao

  16. comentou em 19 de agosto de 2011 às 10:04. Carina,já recebemos a sua pergunta, mas como são muitas as dúvidas para a Julia, é preciso ter um pouquinho de paciência 😉

  17. Amén hermano!!Al ser EEUU uno de los que más ha sabido exportar sus productos e ideología, cualquier otro país con el tiempo va asumiendo esos mismos moldes culturales. Me encanta cuando veo anuncios netamente españoles con sus protas cada vez más rubios y palidos, e incluso cuando veo a un fuckernegrata por la calle viste como un matón del Bronx (aunque su procedencia sea del África más profunda).

  18. Apologies from North Star for missing our tips last week. We were away at Technology Camp and ironically had no internet access. Hilarious, I’m sure you’d agree! That’s ok though cause it will give all the MEPS teams a chance to keep up with our awesomeness, cause we are focused again and ready to go this week, so watch out!

  19. The most common problems are that the “seller” can not legally sell at all and people are scammed. The other is that the park may not approve you to live there, you might have to move that trailer.

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  21. Sounds like a great weekend!!! I’m so loving the morning light right now – it makes weekends even more special. And I like the idea of using coconut oil for zucchini bread. I’m planning on making another batch this week and will give it a try.

  22. I got your book Soul Garden through Pixel of Ink & loved it!! Can’t wait until the series starts coming out; I’m really excited to read it!! I also just picked up Edge of Shadows through the same site. I trust it will be another outstanding story.

  23. Bless your heart'I have no doubt that you will return Elmo, fully pottytrained!!Hang in there, those hormone rages can be up and down!Take some time for you, it's a good thing to do.Have agreat day,Leslie

  24. It’s kind of a Catch 22…If you find a new house and buy it. You are paying for two mortgages…if you sell your first one then dont have a place to go you could be stuck w/ your things in a storage place, and living in a motel. Best Wishes though.

  25. Great article. It’s amazing that within just 40 miles from NYC there is such a disconnect from what is going on there. We have a long ways to go but it’s organizations like Accelerate Long Island that will help us get there. Someone recently asked me ‘why don’t you just go to NYC to get the funding you need’ my response was, ‘because I live in Long Island, I work on Long Island, my whole family lives on long Island, everything I am is Long Island. If I’m going to start a company I want to start it on Long Island too…’

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  27. weinerlich war vielleicht der falsche ausdruck, passiert mir leider oft, in der ersten aufregung die passenden vokabeln zu finden, aber ich bleibe dabei, wer sein “leid” mit denen der juden im dritten reich gleichsetzt betreibt holocaustverharmlosung.

  28. “what features on the Ambit for a runner justify a price three times that of watches like the $135 Timex Global Trainer” For me it is a combination of features. It is the one device that does it all. 1) It makes a decent but simplistic bike computer (really want ANT+ for power), 2) It is great for hiking in mountainous areas where real altitude matters and where having a compass handy is good.3) It is great for running.4) I can use it for flying, a kind of logbook. Emergency backup navigation/altimeter/compass.5) when I’m lost in the canyons of a city “which way is North”?6) R-R is fairly helpful understanding how training is affecting you.

  29. Hi Yuhang!Thanks for your lovely comment — travel is a great way to parent. And I’ll pass on your congratulations to Z, who’s currently in the UK catching up with his dad. I am currently plotting to do the Everest Base Camp trek, but I don’t think I’ll spring that on him until he gets here….Theodora

  30. Apparently, Britain lacks diversity in the crucial arena of rioting.Perhaps Britain's leading intellectual lights can put their heads together and lead us to a new era of diversity in rioting.

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  32. sunny / Can’t even believe we are going more from David!! He worked so hard before he left! Love the cover of this expanded edition!! Can’t wait to get it! Sorry, I put so many explanation marks in my comment, I’m so excited!!!!! 🙂

  33. really great post. the photos are really mouth watering. looks very yummy. thanks for posting this recipe, and also a compliment for easy ways to prepare this menu. thanks! God bless!

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  36. Agree there, people constantly think coeliac disease is not an issue if they don’t have weight loss and GI symptoms which is just plain untrue. I get terrible fluid in my ears whenever I have a contamination from grains – and garlic interestingly!

  37. Gratulerer med awarden 🙂 og kjekt Ã¥ bli bedre kjent med deg… og flotte bilder du viser. Flott Ã¥ lage innlegget pÃ¥ denne mÃ¥ten 🙂 veldig kreativt og annerledes – Dette likte jeg 😉 Ønsker deg en super fredagskveld, klem fra Mette

  38. *Nods vigorously*Yes its no good having *a* yo-yo; you have to have the *right* yo-yo (i.e. the one all the cool kids have). And why do the cool kids have it? Well, because its the coolest*.*For ‘coolest’ read ‘best’

  39. متاسفانه فعلا که راهی پایدار پیدا نشده و نرم افزار توی متن توضیح داده شده هم با بروز رسانی بازی ثبت نمیشه تغیراتی که اعمال میده.

  40. I think ask the shouting about "skewed" polls is preemptive cover for massive electronic fraud by the republicans. When romney wins in a landslide, the righty mouthpieces will say, "See, we told you that Nate Silver was wrong on his turnout numbers." David: I hope that your tech-loving billionaire friends have good security. Offering a henchman prize after the election is stolen could be very very dangerous.

  41. O que se verifica, na realidade, é que há pessoas mais inteligentes do que outras. No entanto, as menos podem revelar potencialidades surpreendentes, originais e muito positivas a nível comunitário. De repente lembrei-me do caso do eminente cientista Albert Einstein.helena

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  51. David – thanks, looks interesting! I’ve tended to move in credo-baptist circles of the more reformed variety, where I think the idea of a sacrament as being more than a symbol is still just about alive. Or maybe I’ve just retained that from my Anglican past?

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  57. Felicidades para los Joses que andarán de vacaciones.Como no nos ven, tenemos barra libre.Cuando vuelvan habrá que pedirles que vayan poniendo en las cámaras trinas de naranja, agua de solan de cabras y zumitos para las que hemos dejado el borracheo por un tiempito.Un beso para los habitantes del rincón y que paseis bien estos días de descanso.

  58. Kim, Love it! I have some gold frames that could use some updating! Going to look into the paste. I am enjoying being back and having time to visit your blog again! It is alway a fun visit. Wendy

  59. I never said it doesn’t matter what one eats. You don’t read my blog – but, here is my catchphrase “food can kill you, it probably can’t cure you.” And the wife was a raw foodist for 32 years. So- until you have some evidence about what diet leads to cancer, with good proof – right now we don’t have one. I believe in eating great food- but, thats me.

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  61. Preach it, brother!The Church of England, instead of being out ahead of British society proclaiming the good news, is bringing up the rear, and the Archbishop of Canterbury is facilitating that rather than fighting against it. There is no reason to let that drag us down. The Covenant will surely fail.Seriously, Doug, this is one of the most eloquent blogposts I've ever read. Thank you.

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  63. Luopuisin mielelläni ylimääräisistä kemikaaleista esim. kosmetiikassa, mutta valitettava totuus on se, että olen niin hirvittävän allerginen/herkkäihoinen etten ole vielä löytänyt tuotetta, joka ei muutaman viikon käytön jälkeen aiheuttaisi kamalia iho-oireita tai osoittautuisi muuten huonoksi tuotteeksi. Opiskelijabudjetilla ei ole myöskään varaa testailla uusia tuotteita jatkuvasti vaan pitää tyytyä yhteen hyvään joka toimii, kemikaaleista viis. Kyllähän se harmittaa ja huolestuttaakin, mutta minkäs teet 🙁

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  65. (Infotext) (Must Run)Number of deaths for leading causes of death:w Heart disease: 654,092w Cancer: 550,270w (cerebrovascular diseases): 150,147w lower respiratory diseases: 123,884w (unintentional injuries): 108,694w Diabetes: 72,815w Alzheimer’s disease: 65,829w Influenza/Pneumonia: 61,472w Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 42,762w Septicemia: 33,464Source: National Center for Health StatisticsLife’s scary Marc.

  66. Great update! I love John more and more with every update. I also think you do a really great job showing us how close Alan is to all of his cousins. The pages give this overwhelming feel of family and connectedness :)Hope all the cons went well!

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  70. My biggest growing fear is that so many things I predicted as complete wild-ass guesses 3-4 years ago are now happening. It’s scary, because at first I honestly used to just spew crazy ideas here to stir the conversation, but now it’s like every week of my life should be an episode of Doomsday Preppers.The ghetto administration campaigned on a promise to transform Amerika. They knew exactly the direction they wanted to take this country and the ghetto electorate was all too ready to comply… tats, rolls and all.

  71. we eat out alot too, just not dinner. we’re notorious lunch eater-outers. anyways, tonight…..whole wheat pasta with Paul Newman pesto and tomato sauce, icky white and pre-buttered garlic bread that I underheated, frozen green beans cooked with a little bit of turkey bacon and garlic, and canned pineapple.

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  75. Why is Mondoweiss publishing a one-sided piece about Hillary standing up to Netanyahu over the phone, with no mention of her policies that contradict that image? Is it the same reason why I am called ignorant and implied to be dishonest, and my reply isn’t allowed for, at this point, 19 hours?

  76. People must wake up to the truth, and that is that these animals are an entirely different form of creation. The jews even say as much themselves. Listen up, people. You want to solve problems? Try a new approach, the selfsame approach you have been avoiding all along.For truth! For the love of our race.Spot on.

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  78. Maybe pure prohibition means going too far but restrictions on alcohol would certainly make the difference. Alcohol is not considered dangerous by most people and that's what actually makes it dangerous. It's an addictive substance, alcohol use rates are growing by the year, some kind of prohibition makes a lot of sense to me.

  79. You go girl! Of course I'm going to follow you! And I love how you're not making any apologies for things too. I am always trying to be mindful of things but it doesn't always mean I can make the right ethical choice but I know that I try. And trying is definitely, definitely better than not giving a shit. So kudos to you my dear! Looking forward to more posts ^_^

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  82. Forgot to tell you… Zach told me that Graham got 2 other Transformeers just like the one he gave. They are from Walmart and Walmart is awsome about returns unlike my favorite store Target that has the stupidest return policy EVER!!!! Anyway, let Graham go shopping for something else! Have a great day!

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