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Marina, from Walmara

Seated in my wicker chair and by the light of the single candle that illuminates the nights in Walmara, I think of all that surrounds me and a smile lights up my face.

It’s my third time here and from the first time I set foot in this place I haven’t stopped dreaming that a better world is possible.

Since that November when I met a group of people in Addis and we set out on our way to Walmara, I’ve done so much. Each experience changes the life and view of each human being, some for better, some for worse, but they all make a change. Walmara was a paradise for me, a ‘bálsamo de esperanza’ in the heart of Ethiopia.

Five months in this country give you enough to write a book no less thick than Don Quixote but I could sum it all up in a few brief words: endless laughter, the full awareness of those yet uninfluenced by everything that in the ´first world’ we are familiar with as new technologies, friendliness, hospitality and music accompanying even the coldest of nights.

My first journey to Walmara was so different from the third, arriving here with my ‘Gari license’. Yes! Adunga and Motuma gave me the reins of the horse and I felt free as I never have before. My first days here were hard, we got up with the first rays of the sun and we didn’t stop until our eyes closed with tiredness.

Without a doubt, the work of so many people that have passed through here up to now and who have created all this is impressive. Thinking of this gave me the strength to add my grain of sand to this marvellous project. I felt real nostalgia as I left behind the Abay enclosure with much left to be done. But I was lucky enough to go back! And this journey without doubt has made me feel like I was in a film of my ancestors. I could visit the sponsored families, to know their culture, their life, their homes.

When you live these experiences and compare your life with that of other people you feel more strongly that we live in an artificial world created by a way of life in which hurries and pressure dominate from day to day. Here the most important thing is the present moment. There is no rush, no appointment to keep, all you need is here and now.

Tomorrow I leave for bustling Addis, but charged with energy. I feel fortunate to be part of this project, that fights for a better world right now, and those that are left have already brought many smiles of happiness.


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